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Equipment Financing
  • Conservation of Capital
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Technological Considerations
  • Pay for equipment as you use it-Not Before
  • Flexible & Convenient Structures
  • Financial Reporting Advantages
  • No Down Payments

Finance Options for Healthcare

In today's ever changing financial marketplace, capital for furniture, fixtures and equipment in the healthcare industry is getting harder and harder to find. Strict underwriting guidelines have made it more difficult to obtain the financing needed to open a new facility or get new equipment to stay competitive.

Enterprise Medical Solutions works with national providers of leasing solutions to the healthcare industry. Our partners deliver direct and private-label financing solutions to physician's offices, clinics and hospitals across the nation. They specialize in delivering customized financing options and alternatives which most traditional financing sources are not able to deliver.

Lease Options

Operating Lease: The key benefit to an operating lease is that the customer can use operating funds to acquire capital equipment, freeing up scarce capital funds for other capital needs.
  • FMV purchase option at the end of the term:
  • Return the equipment
  • Re-lease the equipment
  • Purchase the equipment at its then agreed upon fair market value
  • Typically does not require capital dollars
  • Operating expense
Capital Lease: A capital lease is a lease that typically would need to be in the customer's capital budget. From a financial reporting perspective, a capital lease is a lease that has the characteristics of a purchase agreement. Such a lease and related obligations are typically required to be shown on the balance sheet of the lessee.
  • Fixed purchase option (i.e. $1.00 buyout or set %)
  • Considered a capital expenditure
  • Asset is typically depreciated for book purposes
Customized Financing Programs: Solutions to meet unique business or purchasing objectives.

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