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  • Increase cash revenue
  • Increase patient compliance
  • Absolutely no upfront investment or risk
  • Customized formulary
  • Online dispensing system
  • User-friendly dispensing application & inventory management
  • Dispense medications in less than 1 minute
  • Online report access including:
    • Inventory history and detail
    • Regulatory reporting
    • Patient history
    • Profitability
  • Supports all service lines:
    • Private pay (cash and carry)
    • 3rd party insurance (adjudication)
    • Medicare
    • Worker's compensation
    • Personal injury protection (PIP)

Point-of-Care Medication Dispensing

Enterprise Medical provides a full service solution for dispensing your most commonly prescribed medications directly to your patients at the point-of-care. In a recent study of 1,023 US adults, three out of four would prefer to fill their prescriptions at the point-of-care instead of at a pharmacy. More than half (62%) stated that such a service would help them better manage their health. Dispensing adds an additional revenue source to your practice, clinic or hospital. With our vendors' unique and innovative solutions, our clients are immediately profitable and cash flow positive. Additional staff is not required. Dispensing pre-packaged medications is amazingly fast and easy.

Why Dispense?

  • All medications come from a specialty distribution center in the United States
  • Over 2400 different A-rated brand and generic medications to choose from
  • User-friendly online dispensing application
  • Instant online reports
  • Automated inventory fulfillment
  • The dispensing software records the entire transaction and makes all the required documentation needed to exceed state and federal requirements

On-Site Employee Health Clinics

With a focus on providing convenient and quality medical care for your employee population and the continual rise in annual drug spend isn't the timing right to learn how point-of-care dispensing can help your on-site employee clinic? Medication Dispensing can boost generic utilization rates, decrease annual drug spend, improve patient adherence and increase employee participation at your Employee Health Clinic.

Enterprise Medical Solutions offers a convenient, proven method for supplying your patients with the medications they need at the time of their office visit. We work with a trusted supplier of pre-packaged medications to over 1,000 employer campuses throughout the United States.

By providing medications on-site, at no cost, the employee does not have to leave the workplace to receive their prescription, decreasing the time spent away from the office. Pharmacy savings can cover the overhead of an entire employer clinic and staff.

Urgent Care

UCAOA recently reported that nearly half of Urgent Care centers nationally are currently dispensing, making it one of the most proven and adopted ancillary activities at Urgent Care centers. This can improve the patient experience while increasing your revenue. A point-of-care medication dispensing program will save your patients time and enhance your urgent care facility.

Our vendors offer competitive pricing so you can help your patients save money on their prescriptions. Because most of our medications can be priced at or below the typical insurance co-pay, this program is also affordable for uninsured patients.

This will positively impact your revenue streams by attracting new patients, providing time-saving tools for you and your staff and increasing the overall efficiency of your center.

Community Health Centers

For years, community health centers (CHC) have provided barrier-free access to medications by providing on-site pharmacy services to their patient population. Traditionally, however, only the highest volume CHCs have had the ability to do this in a cost-effective manner, due to barriers such as regulations, operational overhead and a shortage of pharmacy resources. Enterprise Medical Solutions offers the perfect tool to eliminate these barriers, allowing you to develop an on-site medication dispensing program, extend pharmacy services to your satellite clinics or improve the efficiency of your current program, regardless of your clinic's size.

Our dispensing programs present a broad formulary of AA- and AB-rated generics to fulfill your dispensing needs. 340B eligible entities can now efficiently provide patients in need with low cost medication before they leave the clinic, providing convenience for patients, while increasing therapy compliance.

Emergency Departments

Emergency Departments are increasingly seeing competition from Urgent Care facilities. In order to compete, more and more Hospitals are looking to dispense medications directly out of the Emergency Department. However, Hospital Pharmacy regulations for dispensing can be confusing. By working with Enterprise Medical Solutions you gain access to our team of regulatory and compliance experts, who can help you to navigate the often complex state and federal Hospital dispensing regulations, keep your program compliant and alert you to the legal changes that can affect your program.

Differentiate your Emergency Department by providing a convenient and valued service to your patient population. 90% of medical therapies include the use of prescription medications. By bringing this service on-site you can more effectively coordinate the care of the patient, foster better understanding of their treatment plan and enhance the profitability of your Hospital.

Worker's Compensation Dispensing & Billing

Generate a New Revenue Stream by Directly Dispensing Prescriptions for Worker's Compensation Patients. When workers are injured on the job, it costs their company money every moment they are away from work. You can offer exemplary service to employers who have employees hurt on the job, getting them back to work sooner, and increasing your profit margins at the same time.

The average Workman's Comp Prescription profit for you is between $30-$100 PER PRESCRIPTION! Imagine what that can do for your bottom line. The profit margins are high and the service to your patients is something you can offer that your competitors do not. As a worker's compensation provider, you understand that claims are often rejected, complicated and time consuming. Enterprise Medical Solutions offers you a unique service of both providing medication to patients as well as having us handle all of the back-end billing. You are paid within seven days of the claim and we handle all of the insurance claims, rejections, and appeals so you and your staff can spend your time treating patients, not worrying about paperwork.

Private Practice

Many practices, particularly in Primary Care, ObGyn, Weight Loss and Dermatology find that dispensing medications to their patients on a private pay basis makes the most sense. In the majority of cases, you can dispense a generic medication for about the same amount as the patient's Rx co-pay if they used their insurance at a retail pharmacy. The trend is for increasing co-pays and high deductibles. In many cases, doctors can dispense a medication for less than a patient's Rx co-pay, while still making a profit.

In many cases, clients can dispense popular generic medications for less than the major retail pharmacies sell the same prescriptions for, while still making a profit. The average cash prescription profit for your practice is between $5.00-$7.00 per prescription! Imagine what that can do for your bottom line.

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